Beach House In New Zealand

This modern building designed and built by a group of architecture students with the guidance of three professionals. 

It is located in the seaside village of Onemana in New Zealand, it is a small project and has more than impressive sight. This is a small house in story to surface and budget, the project was conceived with great intelligence and includes innovations they have created a set that covers all requirements. This project of small dimensions is unique in many different ways, was designed by the architect Dave Strachan 16 architecture students from third year, John Cocks and Marshall Cook, the team is known as group 19.

This team not only planned and designed this beach house, also built. It has an area of 100 m2, there are 75 m2 and 25 m2 interior surface of outer decks.

It is a house with master bedroom and private deck, a room with bunk beds (bunk beds), bathroom, laundry with access from the interior and exterior, kitchen, living room with decks to the east and west, and there are furniture and spaces storage integrated into the walls. There are several modern and contemporary New Zealand home.

A number of design decisions has led a simple building to a project full of interest and rich in character, a key element is the wooden roof grid that produces a high-performance thermal envelope, runs from northeast to southwest.

Assists natural cross ventilation and lighting highlights the rays of the setting sun filtered through the trees and wooden structure.

This building also includes tables and traditional rhythm and slats that offer relief. You can see in the pictures several of the characteristics of careful design and those that give character to its architecture.

A double floor works with the natural contours of the site and a roof of a single drop peeks through the slope with large wooden doors that open into a corner. Compare with a beach house on a dune, also built in New Zealand.

Dining room and next to the living room with a fitness center

The main interior space includes kitchen dining room and living room. Side By Side account with exterior wood desks extensions. There is also a continuity of lines in the tables and floor and ceiling slats.

Access to deck with outdoor kitchen

The opening to the environment is so wide that significantly expands the interior space and livability in the quarter increased use of this house which certainly does not impress anything small. This area also contains a small exercise room where you can eat a healthy meal after.

Dining and living room
Interior lit open plan
View of the kitchen from the living room

The material palette is composed with the area, dominated by wood decks and floor
interior, also made of wood ceilings, shutters and plywood both walls and ceilings.

Main bedroom

The finishing wood planks on the walls creates warm and calm environments with reflections of nature, particularly there is plenty of light.

dormitory bunk beds for girls
Interior corridor

Customers were more than satisfied, not looking for a house big or sophisticated beach, the budget would not allow it , wanted something well designed, compact, simple and easy to style care and maintenance, to go with his two daughters, and it was they got.

In case of emergencies, we do have a special shelter in which we can go that has food and other things. When a new recession hits or an emp bomb takes hold, we want to make sure that we are safe. If something like that happens, we want to make sure that we have tangible assets that aren’t likely to be affected by hyperinflation. I would encourage anyone reading to be educated on it as well.

Here are a couple videos on the topic that were mentioned above.


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The beach houses are a real specialty in architecture , several contemporary architects have stood out for their projects, the link takes you to an entry where you can review several.


House Types

Residential projects and extraordinary designs through images that will serve for inspiration.

In view of the increased interest in finding photos , it is my intention that this site will provide you see images of residential architectural projects that stand out for their unique characteristics, you can also check entries related to the pictures, and well-known sites of different architects . this is perfectly then an assortment of photographs chosen home, images with which architecture always learn and it is also possible to develop a keen sense of observation, or feeding the curious houses. Please note that this blog residential architecture has already accumulated thousands of entries and most can find pictures of homes that have been chosen for the quality of its design, construction features, and architectural style.
Frequently. Here you will find photographs of original projects and residential architectural works distinguished by the high quality of its design. narrow townhouse of two floors in Sydney. This is an urban residence in Australia located between medians, in a series of similar units, the lot is narrow and deep, uneven. This architecture strips of narrow houses  (terrace houses) is inherited from England, where it was used since the 16th century In this case the residence was completely rebuilt modern.

There are two bodies , the first and foremost seen in these images, a patio and garden separated from the other facing the back street at a lower height.

The space has been fully exploited, without exceeding the heights limited by regulations, and reform keeps the spirit of the original houses in the neighborhood, all similar but several already changed by modernizations.

In depth, the house is spacious and bright. The first body has ground floor and upper floor, while the second body has one plant to another level and back down because the street is at a lower level. Rozelle Terrace House this narrow modern house is the work of  Carter Williamson Architects . The link leads to the page on the site of the architecture studio. Compare with another Australian house type terrace house renovated but conditioned by the edilicos regulations, published on the website, follow this link. Fantastic avant-garde house in suburb of South Korea. This vertically developed residence with three – story structure was inspired by images of science fiction, particularly from the movie Star Wars. The project name Korean Moon Hoon study is Starwars House .

Is the aspect of its forms, articulated facade , and the design of its interior spaces making this work of contemporary residential architecture Korean something special, unusual is striking, beyond its aesthetic value.

interior space for the game on the top floor

The irregular volume is located on flat land with grass, the base is lower than the average of the upper edges of the structure, there are slanted walls and wooden decks that surround both sides of the square base. The first two floors are dense while the upper open impresses, is where is room for the family games , a bright room with large window long views. Starwars house is a work study Moon Hoon . Compare with another house original design inspired by the pixels of digital technology, also raised in Korea, published in this blog entry, follow the link.
The project is called Lodge Residence DESIGNER by PAF architecture and ALTUS Architecture + Design, is a work inspired by the work of architect Edwin Lundie Minnesota. It is a house that displays a single like character of a cottage and also warns through the details.

Access to the front of the residence

Each room was designed to express a different and rich presence while the whole evokes the architecture ofScandinavian style Lundie . Carefully Considering the location of natural surfaces and painted, it was possible to control the amount of light entering each space , attending the volume of each room, so was created a dynamic and harmonious mix of living spaces.

Work PAF llc architecture firm Minneapolis, Minnesota, builder Streeter and Associates, there is a page on this traditional American residence on the website of architects.


Health Kitchens

The best way to raise a family and raise them well is to provide them with habits that will last a lifetime. If you are like me, raising a family that is healthy, wealthy, and wise can be very rewarding for a parent. So if you have kids of your won who are still a young age, this article is for you.

It’s not easy to create a kitchen with healthy food that is going to support a healthy lifestyle. If our family is going to be strong, lean, and fit family. You are going to have to arrange your lifestyle, kitchen, and food to support those family goals. The best way to do this is to think of the types of supplements and the types of food that you want in your kitchen. When we as a family take on a diet. It usually supports some sort of cross training diet. Keeping your body in shape by eating a diet that supports cross training or even the coveted Crossfit is important.

fridgeSo once you have thought about the types of foods that you are looking to eat. You will want to select the type of refrigerator you are going to use. The big tall fridges may not be what you need. If your family does not need to eat a lot of meat, a big refrigerator that has excess meat storage will not necessitate a large fridge like that. You can find excellent fridges at Ikea. For me personally, I like to go with the 2 door fridges standing side by side. This allows for easy access for the kids and just makes it easier to clean.

The next thing you want to think about is the pantry. The pantry is where everything is going to be stored if it is not in the fridge. This means that you are going to have to have a very large space. Especially if you are into food storage, it’s always a good idea to go bigger rather than smaller when looking at your pantry.

Finally, the most important thing is the sinks. When I say sinks, I mean multiple sinks. Having multiple sinks is going to save you tons of time in the kitchen because you can wash, rinse and dry in an efficient manner.

The things that I covered in this article are very important and the rest is really up to personal preference. You just need to make sure you have the basics down and the rest will fall into place.

home kitchenDon’t forget to submit your house for us to review!

Dortone Homes Intoroduction

Some of my most fun times in my life is designing a house on There is no other thrill than picking out exactly what you want for your home and exactly what you need in order to get everything completely perfect.

My kids and I always spend time working on what we need in order to get the best house possible for us. We explore the neighbors yards and the neighbors outlay. My son Jim wants to be an architect when he grows up. I think that will be perfect for our family since we know that we will be dealing with houses.

Another passion that I think I will be talking about on my personal blog is health and fitness. One of the first things we look at when buying a new house or designing a house is the convenience of the fitness area. We want to have plenty of space to work out and have easy access to equipment and materials. It’s always hard to install the things we need for this.